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Take care of your body so that your soul can inhabit it.

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Lou offers classes, trainings and workshops in Brussels and Paris for everyone: beginners and experienced students and teachers wishing to deepen their knowledge of Restorative Yoga:

Sommaire :

  1. Brussels
  2. Paris
  3. Other projects: Maison Papillon, retreat in Italy, ….



Weekly Group Lessons

Lou gives group lessons on weekdays and weekends in her studio at Rue Gabrielle, 74 in Uccle / Ixelles, Brussels.


  • Mondays at 10 a.m..;
  • Tuesdays at 2 pm. (yoga for healing for cancer survivors );
  • Wednesdays at 6 p.m.;
  • Saturdays at 5 p.m.;
  • Sundays at 4 p.m. and at 6 p.m..

Rates :

  • 20 euros per person with subscription;
  • 25 euros per person without subscription;
  • 25 euros drop in (prerequisite of two private lessons).

Specificities :

  • A class is limited to 8 participants to maintain its quality – must be reserved in advance ;
  • All classes are subject to prior reservation;
  • A minimum of 4 students are required for the course to be maintained; and

Prerequisites new students: 2 individual lessons must be taken by the student before enrolling in a group class to become familiar with the practice in order to benefit from a personalised listening and not disrupt the energy of the group.

Please contact Lou by WhatsApp at +32 485 88 20 20 or by email at mldevitry@gmail.com to set a time for your convenience.

Private Lessons

Lou also offers one-on-one sessions for those who prefer a more intimate setting, as well as for students currently taking group lessons who wish to deepen their own personal practice.
The rates for a single lesson (up to 2 hours) are:

  • 100 Euros for one person;
  • 120 euros for two people;
  • 140 euros for three people.

Please contact Lou by WhatsApp at +32 485 88 20 20 or by email at mldevitry@gmail.com to set a time for your convenience.



By subscribing to a subscription that follows the Belgian school periods, you get preferential rates on the sessions and greater flexibility on the organization of these.

The student agrees to come at least once a week.

In case of absence for whatever reason :

  • You must contact Lou at least 24 hours, and ideally 48 hours, before the scheduled session.
  • You may reschedule at no additional charge at any time during the trimester or you will be charged for the amount due for the cancelled session.

Rates and conditions:

  • Each group session will be priced at 20 euros, whether during or outside the school period, as well as during public holidays;
  • Group sessions taken without subscription will be 25 euros;
  • Some arrangements are possible – please contact Lou directly to discuss.

For more information regarding the subscription but also to reserve a course or to inform Lou about an absence, do not hesitate to contact Lou preferably by WhatsApp on +32 485 88 20 20 or by email mldevitry@gmail.com

Immersive Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in Brussels

See more information on the French version of the site




Monthly Workshops in Paris at the Samasthiti Studio

To sign up, send e-mail addressed to Lorenzo Pittà: caroline@ashtanga.fr
For any registration, contact Lorenzo Pittà by email: caroline@ashtanga.fr
Address: 23 rue de la Cerisaie (Bastille), 75004 Paris
Price: 40 € members, 45 € non-members

Workshop schedule on Sundays from 15h to 18:

  • Sunday, January 24, 2021;
  • Sunday February 24, 2021;
  • Sunday, March 14 2021;
  • Sunday, June 27, 2021.

Immersive Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in Paris, at Samasthiti Studio (in partnership with l’EFAY)

This comprehensive training delivered by Lou will be held at the Samasthiti studio and is organised in partnership with EFAY.
Address: 23 rue de la Cerisaie (Bastille), 75004 ParisTeacher training 125 H (schedule 5 modules): See more information on the French version of the site

Want to register? You can contact directly:

Sylvie Pittà, +33 6 16 47 95 04, sylvie.pitta@gmail.com
Lorenzo Pittà, +33 7 70 56 11 17, caroline@ashtanga.fr

NB: There is a possibility of funding in continuing education.



Yoga Retreat in Italy SORRENTO – 2021 (dates to be confirmed )

A weeklong yoga retreat is being organized in Italy. 12 places are available. If you are interested and want some information, do not hesitate to let Lou know by email: retraiteyoga.lou@gmail.com.

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