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You cannot always control what happens outside of you, but you can always control what happens inside.

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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders profoundly destabilize those that suffer from them. The body’s sensations and mechanisms are completely turned upside down by powerful psychological forces.

It is common in the course of treatment for these disorders to introduce meditation with the goal of helping the body to readjust itself. Having been thrown aside, mistreated, and neglected during a period of time, the body needs to be listened to and repaired.

Restorative Yoga presents Lou with an incredible opportunity to gently accompany her patients ona journey to re-conquer their bodies—learning how to nourish, feel hunger, be satiated, and to simply feel more profoundly. This practice of Restorative Yoga creates emotional and mental space for the participant to relax, reinitiate dialogue with their senses, and move forward on the path to healing.

In direct collaboration with hospitals and caretakers, Lou develops a totally customized program to facilitate healing on an individual level. This approach can be especially helpful when the patient wants to avoid hospitalization or has already been hospitalized and is looking, upon exiting, for an opportunity to reestablish their internal equilibrium.

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Athletic Preparation

Yoga, while a practice and discipline in its own right, has numerous beneficial effects in other athletic disciplines and, as such, it is not rare to find it used in a preparatory context.

Improving muscular movement and blood-flow, warming up the entire body, learning to correctly channel breathing, and establishing equilibrium…all fundamental considerations in any athletic discipline, although too often neglected in many of these same disciplines as well.

Lou once again proposes a bespoke yoga curriculum; to reconcile the difficulties you may encounter in your practice of sport, as well as augment your ability to harness your corporal energy.

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Yoga is intimately linked to the psyche of the participant. Lou realized this early on and it is fundamentally for this reason that she became a psychotherapist–in parallel to her teaching and appreciation of yoga.

This module on “Yoga-Coaching” serves to fuse psychotherapy with Restorative Yoga, to facilitate deeper self-reflection and discovery.

This hybrid methodology can be adapted to all levels, but addresses more specifically those wishing to develop another axis or dimension of their existing personal practice of yoga. This methodology can also be compelling for adolescents, particularly those that suffer from hyperactivity, that have trouble mastering their rapport with a body that is in flux emotionally and mentally. In a world riddled with preoccupations, yoga enables them to concentrate on one thing at a time, to find equilibrium in a daily routine that can feel like it is bursting at the seams.

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Restorative Yoga and Womanhood

For women, the practice of Restorative Yoga can be a powerful axis for relaxation during pregnancy, and also to manage the emotional flux tied to physiological changes such as menopause. Participating in Restorative Yoga can allow a woman to harmonize her hormonal system in a natural way, to improve her well-being, and it find serenity in periods of change.

Work on posture and breathing can also be precious for women that been victims of conjugal violence. They are able to reinforce both mental and corporal stability, coupled with calm, belief in oneself, and a sentiment of well-being.

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