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To accompany you in a way that corresponds to your needs, your goals and your lifestyle, Lou proposes a custom yoga curriculum and variety of instructional settings.

Personalized Classes

Lou’s 1-on-1 sessions present the optimal setting to explore a participant’s internal dissonance and best assess their needs. This individualized setting is as important for newcomers as it is for more advanced students, who all benefit from separation, relaxation, and a moment of rediscovery.

Through this more intimate setting, Lou is also able to develop a totally bespoke curriculum—which can even be incorporated into an existing medical regimen. This module typically lasts 90 minutes, but can be adapted if the need arises. For more details, do not hesitate to contact Lou at mldevitry@gmail.com

Group Classes

Have a desire to participate in one of Lou’s relaxation seminars, but prefer to do so in a group setting? Or perhaps you would like to overcome an obstacle that others share? There are several reasons to prefer practicing yoga in a group setting.

Pulling from her experience as a host of group-based Restorative Yoga workshops at the Parisian Samasthiti studio, Lou invites you to discover her group sessions, from 2 to 8 people, in her Brussels studio.

To make an appointment or learn more, do not hesitate to contact Lou at mldevitry@gmail.com.

Lou also organizes group workshops for businesses. Be sure to consult “Yoga in Business” for more information.

Hospital Yoga

Modern science and medicine have acknowledged the benefits of yoga for decades now. From Paris to Mumbai, New York to Zurich, yoga is being used to heal patients suffering from cardiac ailments, hypertension, and other pathologies.

Respiration, muscular relaxation, and recalibration of the nervous system…yoga includes many tools and techniques that facilitate improvement and pain mitigation of those suffering from these ailments.

Often working in concert with hospital health specialists, Lou also proposes yoga in a hospital setting—to better accompany patients in their healing processes and develop a bespoke yoga program. Over the years, Lou has become especially adept with deep mental and emotional pathologies (e.g. eating disorders).

Yoga in Business

for more details, please visit our dedicated page

Do not hesitate to consult the section on “Specific Programs” or contact Lou for more information at mldevitry@gmail.com.

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