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Cours privé de Restorative Yoga avec Lou

We would all be transformed if we had the courage to be who we trully are.

Marguerite Yourcenar

The world of Business is constantly mutating—a precarious equilibrium between finding time and professional productivity seems to have settled in.  The scope of work has evolved as technology has advanced, going so far as to often encroach on our (sacred) personal space. The result has been an all too persistent state of anxiety, even after physically disconnecting from a place of work.

Seated in a chair, eyes locked on a screen, rushed by an unforgiving timetable, we accumulate tensions in our back, neck, arms, legs, all without being able to evacuate them—our posture no longer seems able to keep up with our lifestyle.

In this situation, reconciling serenity and efficacy seems like an every-day struggle—where many can feel powerless. Professional stress often leads to destabilizing, sometimes even violent, corporal reactions. These can include generally poor healthy, irritability in one form or another, and even a total burnout.

Despite all of this, it would be absurd to ask all managers to meditate for two hours every day, something of which Lou is well aware. Pulling from her own experience as an accomplished international lawyer and evolution through the top tiers of a global luxury company’s management team, as well is in telecom, Lou has succeeded in reconciling yoga with often unforgiving professional responsibilities.

Lou helps you find your own every-day equilibrium thanks to meditation exercises that are simple, short, and based on breathing rhythms. This form of meditation will give you the possibility of identify signs of stress, clarifying your emotions in order to better communicate with others, all while enabling you to perform at a higher level. Recalibration of posture will also factor, to optimize circulation and stretch muscles, thereby equilibrating the body.

Do not hesitate to contact Lou for more information. Her Yoga in business can be practiced individually, in a group setting, or in the context of a company onsite visit.

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