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How does it work ? What exercises can help you ?

Yoga is starting to break through the doors of traditional health institutions such as hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms... This concept of “therapeutic yoga” was not really considered by traditional medicine until recently. Nowadays, it is used mainly in the process of healing and of supporting the patient through their recovery.


Therapeutic yoga : a technique to support patients through recovery

Yoga is getting recognized by science

Modern medicine has a tendency to focus on symptoms and to try to generalise treatments so that they can be applied to the greatest population. This vision is changing, with a new era of medical care that takes into account different types of yoga (Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga) in the process of the patient’s recovery. 

With this new vision, medicine does not only focus itself on the disease but also on the patient and their specificities. How do you manage your pain ? How does it manifest itself ? How to deal with it ? How do you manage not to be in conflict with your own body ? These questions are complex and difficult to understand with modern medicine only. 

What are the effects of yoga in hospitals and clinics

Yoga, breathing exercises, meditation… These tools can absolutely change the way a patient sees their disease, either by using them in a preventive manner or during after treatment of the disease. Practicing yoga allows the patient to focus on something else than the fact of being ill and understanding the illness differently.

The body is not the enemy, it’s a part of us that needs to be tamed. The main goal is to find--through the yoga practice--pain-free spaces in the patient’s body and create a zone of comfort and peace for the mind and body.

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Therapeutic Yoga : how to deal with serious diseases

If practicing therapeutic yoga is recommended to help recovery from a number of illnesses, it is important to highlight that this particular type of yoga is highly recommended for serious diseases, such as autoimmune diseases, cancer or HIV.

How does yoga support patients through cancer, AIDS, or heavy diseases ?

Helping people manage through serious illnesses is a complex subject, because the understanding of the disease, the course of treatment and determining the right yoga practice are intertwined.

Whether it is for cancer, AIDS, fibromyalgia or another serious illness, the main thing is to offer the patient a personalised yoga program that they will be able to practice in personal classes or at their house to help them release and manage the pain. 

How to deal with car accidents and spinal problems with therapeutic yoga ?

It is quite common to see people attend  a yoga class after having been in a car accident. Weakened joints, torn or strained muscles, bone problems… there exist a lot of reasons to want to take care of our body. 

Yoga helps ease the pain but also regain some of the lost dexterity or flexibility of the patient. It helps the patient push  body in the right direction toward recovery and acceptance. The same can be said for people with back or spine problems because of chronic scoliosis or a work-related condition. 

How to decide which type of therapeutic yoga to choose ?

Mais au final, quel type de yoga faut-il choisir ? Tout dépend du problème du patient, un ou une spécialiste saura écouter le patient et le diagnostic des médecins pour orienter le programme dans la bonne direction.

So in the end, which one to choose ? It depends on the patient and of the specialist that will guide them in their recovery. 

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What is the difference between Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga ? 

This is quite a normal question to ask, because these two types of yoga are rather . They both focus on a limited number of poses that are held for a longer duration of time 

Both have the same founding principles : breathing, feeling and discovering one’s internal consciousness. They both put patients at peace with strong or violent emotions in order to overcome  them.

Restorative Yoga is more about repairing the body. It is used to address joint problems, organ strain and other ailments. The use of props allows the body to relax and find a place of harmony.

Le Yin Yoga se concentre sur les tissus conjonctifs, le but est trouver la paix intérieure rapidement dans des positions avec un léger inconfort. C’est une pratique recommandé pour lubrifier les articulations et gagner en flexibilité. 

Yin Yoga is more about connective tissues and how to find inner peace in uncomfortable situations. It is recommended to lubricate joints and improve flexibility. 

Therapeutic Yoga and Lou de Vitry

Therapeutic yoga has a special place in the heart of Lou. This type of yoga has helped her repair her own body. She feels in sync with the idea of Restorative Yoga. She accompanies her students during and after their illnesses so they can once again accept their bodies. She wants to help them find a safe space without suffering, where the sickness becomes a friend so the student can put themselves on the path to recovery. 

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