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Relaxation, respiration, rest. Words that seem to contradict our present pace of life, where there is always time “to do” but never “to be.”

Restorative Yoga takes this backward logic and invites those that espouse it to relax--to regain a sense of their own selves, thereby arriving at a state of wholesome well-being. This state creates room to step back from the present, to clarify one’s vision of the world—all while looking within.

This style of yoga, developed by American specialist Judith Lasater—student of B.K.S.IYENGAR—is accessible for all and pleasing to the body. Each participant is supported by different props that aid inencouraging the body to let go, to liberateitself from every-day stress, and to reach a physical and mental state of conscious relaxation.  

To achieve this, Restorative Yoga is based on four pillars: darkness, silence, stillness, and heat. These four elements reunited encourage the body to open up, and once at peace, to begin to regenerate.

Colorful bolsters, foam bricks, and comfortable blankets make their way through the teacher’s hands to support, cover, and relax the student. The precision of each position taken during a session must be maintained to align the axes of energy and derive the maximum benefit. This is why, in fact, this type of yoga is most often conducted in an individualized setting.

For all ages, all types of people, and all physical conditions, Restorative Yoga has revealed itself as a precious and powerful tool in the face of every-day chaos, stress in the workplace, and also for the physical and psychological instability that adversely affects us every day.

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