Ativan customer reviews

Ativan customer reviews


52 years old identified as having ovarian cancer in This summer 2016. Received chest mediport in August and experienced 12 days of chemotherapy. Only negative effects were constipation from chemotherapy and difficulty sleeping from Dedcadron. While these steroids helped me feel strong and let me work while taking chemotherapy additionally they keep me wired during the night. Only on individuals times of chemotherapy I'd take 1 mg of Ativan during the night. So fortunate to obtain some necessary rest and it was at the office by 6:00 ready in my workday. Feeling rested and becoming that quality sleep is extremely vital when fighting this ailment and taking chemotherapy. I simply had IP port surgically implanted into abdomen today. Looking next 3 cycles of IP chemotherapy after getting surgery December eighth.Ativan helps me, no negative effects.

I have been inOraway benzodiazapines for two decades. I'm now back on ativan 1mg 3 occasions each day for anxiety/anxiety attacks and insomnia. I understand I want a rise in dose soon, because it no more relaxes me around previously. I've found ativan is the best benzo. I have attempted xanax, (which helped me sleepwalk), valium, (which does not affect me really). I believe I'll stay with ativan after twenty minutes, Personally i think much better. relaxed.

A great medication, in the meds I attempted none were as effective for managing my Post traumatic stress disorder signs and symptoms. Completely avoided flashbacks and nightmares and anxiety during the night and permitted me to go to sleep very comfortably. However can't provide a ten since i acquired ability to tolerate the doses incredibly rapidly, meaning I needed to keep raising the dose to obtain the same effect, that is harmful since it is a medication you are able to become physically hooked on. I'd recommend this mediterranean to individuals seeking a brief term fix while they're becoming stable on another lengthy term mediterranean, but wouldn't recommend it as being a lengthy term fix because of tolerance and addiction options.